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Saturday Scholars Tutoring

Saturday Scholars Calendar and Sessions

Be sure to check the Current Saturday Scholars Sessions Friday afternoon for the most up-to-date offerings!!!!!

Saturday Scholars

Saturday Scholars Schedule
Always check the schedule for any changes. If a session is closed on Saturday morning, students are advised to go to another session. Admin and security will be on campus to assist students.

 What is Saturday Scholars? 

Saturday Scholars is great opportunity available to all students. Saturday Scholars provides students additional academic time with a teacher in a smaller setting. The Saturday Scholars program runs approximately 20 Saturdays throughout the school year from 8:30AM -12:30PM, During the typical Saturday Scholars session students normally study for and/or retake tests, complete missing assignments as well as receive additional support for homework and upcoming school projects.                                                                               

AttendingSaturday Scholars clears a full day’s Absence or Truancy and will excuse up to 5 tardies.  


Frequently asked questions: 

Why should I go to Saturday Scholars? 

Extra Help: 

You will receive extra help from teachers.  You can make up tests and homework.  You can have a chance to complete projects with the guidance of your teacher.  You can prepare for special tests like the AP exams or SAT Exams.  You can earn points that will benefit your grade if you were behind 


How does Saturday Scholars affect my attendance?  Saturday Scholars clears one full day of absence or 5 tardies.  If you need to maintain a 98% attendance rate and were sick, Saturday Scholars can help you.    If you have excessive absences or truancies, you can erase one truancy each day you attend Saturday Scholars.  If you have excessive tardies, you can erase 5 tardies per each Saturday Scholars that you attend.  

What if my teacher is not hosting Saturday Scholars? 

No problem, there are two separate study areas for students.  One with a teacher and aide who have experience in many subjects and one more in the Learning Center.  If those are not a good fit for you, the attendance supervisor (Mrs. Rasmussen room 309) can connect you to a classroom where you can get support.  

Can I get attendance credit when I attend special workshops or volunteer on Saturdays? 

Yes, if the duration of the activity is at least 4 hours long and has been approved as a Saturday Scholars activity.  Please ask the teacher leading your activity if it has been cleared through Saturday Scholars. 

When is Saturday Scholars? 

Saturday Scholars is scheduled up to 20 times throughout the year.  There may be some additions or cancellations throughout the year.   Students must attend for 4 hours, between 8:30-12:30 


9, 16


3, 10


21, 28


9, 16




6, 13, 27


2, 9, 16


4, 18





How do I know what classes are being offered? 

The Saturday Scholars Schedule is posted online normally by Thursday.  On Friday, the attendance office will have a posted paper copy.  Any questions come and see the Saturday Scholars Admin., Mrs. Rasmussen in room 309 or the assigned security.     

Can I split my time between two different teachers on Saturdays?  

If you need to see two different teachers, you and your first teacher must clear this with the Attendance Supervisor.  

Is there breakfast on Saturdays? 

Yes, at 10:45 the nutrition window opens and serves a small breakfast for students.