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Saturday Scholars Tutoring

Saturday Scholars Calendar and Sessions

Be sure to check the Current Saturday Scholars Sessions Friday afternoon for the most up-to-date offerings!!!!!

Saturday Scholars

Saturday Scholars Schedule
Always check the schedule for any changes. If a session is closed on Saturday morning, students are advised to go to another session. Admin and security will be on campus to assist students.
What is Saturday Scholars?

“Saturday Scholars” is a tutoring program offered on Saturday mornings from 8 AM to 12 PM. These tutoring sessions are staffed by our own highly qualified San Pasqual teaching staff offering one-on-one tutoring, test preparation, and academic help with homework and difficult classes. All students can participate and take advantage of this program.

Why should a student consider participating in Saturday Scholars?

High school grades, credits, and participation in various school programs are crucial in determining future success. Saturday Scholars is an academic program to help students improve grades, become high school graduates, and transfer to a four-year college. 
Reason #1: Students will improve grades if they actively participate in the tutoring sessions. Filling a seat for four hours is not enough. Students need to bring materials, ask for help, and stay on task.
Reason # 2: Improving attendance is even more important with the introduction of the MAP program. MAP guarantees acceptance to CSU San Marcus if a set of requirements are met. One requirement is achieving 98% attendance. The MAP program counts every absence even excused absences or personal days in figuring the attendance percentage. If a student has an absence, one four-hour session excuses one full-day absence.

How does it work?

Every Thursday a new “Saturday Scholars” schedule is posted at the attendance windows, in the counseling office, and on this website. The schedule shows who is teaching a session, the classroom number, and what subject the session is about. If there is a Saturday Scholars session a student is interested in the student should let the teacher know he/she will be attending, which is especially important, if the teacher of a session is not one of the student's regular classroom teachers. Sessions fill up quickly and teachers need to know what additional students want to attend.

On Saturday morning students need to arrive early and be in the designated classroom at 8:30 AM. Saturday Scholars is a four hour commitment, ending at 12:30 PM. If you want to receive all the benefits of this program you need to attend on time and stay the entire four-hour session. All teachers have sign-in sheets to document who is attending and students are required to sign in and out to verify attendance.