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Short Term Independent Study

A Short-Term Independent Study Contract can be used when a student will miss anywhere from three to 21 consecutive schools days.  The Independent Study Contract will assist you in getting your work during your absence and when all paperwork is completed, allowing us to change your absent days to independent study days in the system for attendance.  Directions can be found within the documents on the right hand side of this page (in English & Spanish).  You can also just follow the steps below (if you'd like to view this entire page in another language, please select the language in the box at the bottom of the page):

Step 1: 

Fill out one of these Google Forms to request a Short-Term Independent Study Contract:

Google Form - English

Google From - Spanish

This starts the process for you. An assignment log will be digitally sent to your teachers with a request for them to add assignments for each of your classes. Some teachers will direct you to a learning platform such as Canvas and some will write out specific assignments for you to complete.  


Step 2:  

You will be provided with a link to access your assignment log. Keep in mind that teachers may be asked to do this for a number of students all at the same time.  Please be patient as it may take 2-3 days for your log to be completed. If you don't see the assignment log link in your email within three days, please check your junk mail or spam folder; if it is still not there, please email Mrs. Cavassa. If you find you have classes that you do not have assignments from, you can reach out to teachers via email or reach out to me, and I will try to help. Work on assigned work as much as you can while you are out. Most teachers will allow a period of time once you return, to turn in the work.   


Step 3: 

When you return to campus, please stop by the attendance office sometime during your first day back to pick up your contract packet. In your packet you will find: 

  • A Short-Term Independent Study Contract: the contract that needs to be signed by you, a parent / guardian, and all six of your teachers. The contract needs to be returned to the attendance office within a week of picking it up.   Please get these signatures asap. 
  • 6 Change of Attendance Forms. Please pass these out to each of your teachers. Your teachers need to attach one sample of work you completed during your absence to this form before they return it to me. If you want to speed up this process you can make an extra copy of one piece of your completed work, for each class, and attach it to the form before handing to your teacher.   


Step 4: 

As soon as you have turned in your contract and all six of your teachers have turned in a Change of Attendance form, with your corresponding schoolwork, I can eliminate your absent days and change them to contract days in our system for attendance. Please let me know if there is anything I can help with during your or if you have any further questions.  


If you have questions about this process or problems during your Short-Term Independent Study Contract experience, please contact: 


Jen Rasmussen


[email protected]