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Senior Tea
Seniors:  Have you received a scholarship award?  Fill out the following survey to let us know so we can recognize you at our upcoming Senior Tea Award.  Fill out the survey HERE.
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Class of 2020 Seniors: Please fill out the following form if you need your transcript sent to an institution. Make sure to verify when the institution needs the transcript sent by (Most colleges at this point want to wait until the end of the term, when all grades are posted). Some scholarships/organizations don't require an official transcript. Please check with the organization/institution on their deadlines and what type of transcript they need.

Click HERE to submit a transcript request to the Registrar.
SENIORS:  Thank you for completing the CARPE Senior Survey and helping SPHS collect data to determine what supports students need in order to have access to college and other meaningful experiences after high school.  Please click HERE to complete our Senior survey.
 Brag Packet

Please fill out a brag packet if you need your counselor to provide you with a letter of recommendation. Please note that UC/CSU universities do not require a letter of recommendation.
We require that you submit this to the counseling department at least two weeks before your letter is due. For students that need this for January 1st deadlines, please have it submitted to your counselor by December 6, 2019.
Senior Guidance
12th grade guidance provides the Senior class important information in regards to their senior year as well as their post high school plans. It includes important dates for testing, social events, applications, and financial aid. 12th graders will have access to the resources needed to graduate from high school, apply for post-secondary school that is the best option for them, apply for financial aid, and explore job opportunities. We also address how to manage stress, pros and cons of different college/career paths, and how to successfully navigate senior year.

Click HERE to download our Senior presentations from September 24th & 25th.




Counselor Connection

Click HERE to download our senior Counselor Connection.



Senior Calendar


Click HERE to download our Senior calendar.


Avoiding "Summer Melt"
Summer melt is the phenomenon of prospective college students' motivation to attend college "melting" away during the summer between the end of high school and beginning of college.  We have prepared information below to help you and your student avoid summer melt.  Please open the file below for important tips and information.



Assembly Bill 2160 was signed into law mandating that all public schools electronically submit grade point averages (GPAs) for 12th grade students to the California Student Aid Commission (CSAC) for Cal Grant consideration.  Cal Grant awards range from around $5,000 to 12,000 and are for students who are pursuing an undergraduate degree or vocational or career training.  Cal Grants do not have to be repaid. The Assembly bill requires that the school district notify parents of the opt-out requirements by October 1, 2018 for current 12th grade students.  If you choose NOT to have your student’s GPA sent to the California Student Aid Commission, your student will not be considered for a Cal Grant.  The district created the attached form for parents to opt out of the mandate. Please return your opt-out form to the counseling department no later than Thursday, September 27.  Please contact your school counselor if you have any questions.

To retrieve the opt out form


To download the opt-out form, click HERE.



El Proyecto de ley de la asamblea 2160 se convirtió en ley ordenando que todas las escuelas públicas presenten electrónicamente el promedio de calificaciones (Conocido por las siglas en inglés GPA) para los alumnos del grado 12 a la Comisión de Ayuda Estudiantil de California (Conocido por siglas en inglés CSAC) para su consideración para la beca Cal Grant.

Las becas Cal Grant oscilan entre $5,000 y $12,000 y son para estudiantes que están cursando una licenciatura, formación profesional o capacitación vocacional. Las becas Cal Grant no tienen que ser reembolsadas. El proyecto de ley de la asamblea requiere que el distrito escolar notifique a los padres de los actuales estudiantes del grado 12 por escrito acerca de los requisitos para optar en no participar, antes del 1 de octubre del 2018.  Si usted decide que NO se envié el promedio de calificaciones de su hijo/a a la Comisión de ayuda estudiantil de California, su hijo/a no será considerado para recibir una beca Cal Grant. El distrito escolar creó el formulario adjunto para que los padres opten fuera de este mandato. Por favor, devuelva su formulario de exclusión a la oficina de consejería a más tardar el jueves, 27 de septiembre. Por favor consulte con su consejero escolar si tiene alguna pregunta. 


Para descargar el formulario para optar en no participar oprima AQUÍ.

For information about events in Counseling:
Text: @speagles20 to 81010                                     or                                           Follow: @sphs_counseling
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1st semester
Counselors will be in Senior English classrooms on September 24th & 25th to cover the following topics:  What to expect 12th grade, financial aid, college admission tests, college application assistance & letters of recommendation, & postsecondary planning.  We will also be hosting financial aid and college application workshops after school (dates TBD).  
2nd semester
We will be having a Senior Next Steps presentation to review upcoming deadlines and ensure smooth transitions into postsecondary institutions.  We will review financial aid and provide tools on decision making.  Date TBD.