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Student Success Stories

SPHS Independent Study Student Wubitu Stordahl"In the Learning Center you can work at your own pace and you can go faster. If you have a bad grade you can make it up. The teacher will reopen the activity for you to retake, improve, and fix your mistake. In the Learning Center I am getting individual attention, more one on one attention than in a regular classroom. It does not take a whole semester to finish a class and you can pick your classes. There are a lot of choices for electives and you can pick your interest. In class students are talking and the teacher has to take time to quiet down the class. It is quiet here and that makes me want to be here and learn. I am a junior and I like the fact that I can take classes on line.” -- Wubitu Stordahl


“Here in the Learning Center online, I have the opportunity to go back and re-watch videos to really understand the material. I can go at my own pace. I also do not have to wait for a week to take a test. In the regular classroom I have to wait and I forget the material. In the Learning Center I can take the test right after I finish a unit. Also, no extra homework papers. My work online and my homework is the same thing.” -- Lili Molenar


“The Learning Center is the best place for me to learn. It is quiet and I can focus and concentrate on my work. I can work at my own pace and teachers help me when I need to redo an activity and I need more time. The videos can be replayed. Teachers in a regular classroom talk to the entire class, not just to you. You cannot replay a teacher presentation. The electives are interesting. In the course “Social Problems” I learned how much money I would need to live independently. That was an eye-opener! Great course!” -- Marisol Pacheco Pacheco


“In the Learning Center it is quicker to go through classes. It is easier to learn when you are reading. In a regular classroom the teacher says stuff once but here in the Learning Center I can rewind the lesson. I can take my time and look at the lesson again. I like that I can work alone. I am not stressed out. I enjoy the game activities on the program. It makes you have a real-life experience and you learn faster.” -- Froilan Valdez Vargas


“I am in the Learning Center to finish the classes I need on time for graduation. Math is a challenge for me but here in the Learning Center I am getting help from tutors. I like working online because you work at your own pace. In the classroom when you have a question you are holding back the entire class. If the teacher’s answer is not explaining enough you might not ask. But in the Learning Center online I can stop the lecture and go back to review and get the answers I need.” -- Jennifer Rodriguez